Here is the information relating to our service upgrades
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Key Upgrade Information

Server upgrade date: 20th July 2017 expected completion by 06:00



We will begin synchronising ALL customer accounts (including emails, databases, web files and cPanel settings) from 22:00 hrs on 19th July 2017. We expect the process to complete by 06:00hrs on 20th July 2017. Sometime during the above window your account on the old server will be suspended, however this will not have a customer impact and our DNS system will begin directing traffic to our new server.

If you are using our servers for your email, all email will be redirected to the new server as soon as the account transfer completes. You will not lose any email. This does not apply to anyone using 3rd party email providers like Google or Microsoft Office 365 – these accounts will remain unaffected by this change.

While your individual hosting account is being moved, any changes made to databases on the old server will be lost. Although this is usually only a small window of a few minutes, we recommend that any critical transactional websites, (e.g. e-commerce, forums, CRM systems) are not changed at all during the overnight server change to prevent loss of information.

If you need to take any further action at an individual account level, we will be in touch with you in the next few days.
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